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Projection door stop

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Looking for a practical way to prevent your doors from banging into walls? Look no further than our high-end collection of projection doorstops.

What are projection door stops?

Projection doorstops are a quick, straightforward, and discreet method of preventing your doors from damaging walls and paintwork when opened. These doorstops act as a barrier, meaning the door will simply bounce off the stopper as opposed to your walls or furniture.

In addition to protecting your walls and doors from scratches and dents, our projection doorstops also help reduce the sound of doors opening and closing, creating a peaceful and calming home environment.

How to install a projection doorstop

Installing our doorstops is a breeze, requiring only a few fixings to safely secure them to the skirting board. Whether you're handy with a drill driver or prefer to use a screwdriver, our doorstops can be easily installed with a pilot hole to prevent any damage.

Note that if you are installing the doorstop onto a concrete floor, you will need to drill a hole and use a suitable wall plug to ensure that the doorstop is safely fastened.

Projection doorstops at Door Handle Store

Our doorstops are crafted from top-quality materials like zinc, ensuring they are not only durable but also stylish and long-lasting. Plus, with a selection of finishes to choose from, including cool-toned chrome and bold brass, our projection doorstops will seamlessly integrate into any home decor style.

The discreet design sits behind the door, mounted onto the skirting board, making them barely noticeable until they come into action. Choose a single doorstop or opt for a multipack to protect more than one door in just one purchase. And if you're looking for other doorstop options, be sure to explore our complete collection of sturdy door stops, including door wedges and floor-mounted oval door stops.

At Door Handle Store, we pride ourselves on providing premium-quality, stylish, and practical hardware solutions for your home. Shop our collection of projection doorstops today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting your home's walls and doors.