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When it comes to updating the hardware for your doors, choosing the right finish is essential. Just like choosing your paint, wallpaper or flooring, small accents like your hardware will play a significant role in the atmosphere of your room.

Whether you opt for a doorknob or a lever handle, the finish of your door hardware will bring together the design of your space.

With such a wide variety of finishes available, deciding which finish when selecting hardware can be complex. However, looking at popular finishes and assorted styles on the market might help you decide.

Chrome, black and nickel door handles on a marble backgorund

Our Most Popular Finishes

Amongst the most popular are those that fall in line with recent interior design trends, such as matt black, chrome, brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Matt black and chrome are highly versatile finishes that suit any property style. However, antique brass and oil rubbed bronze are truly classic finishes that are a popular choice for a traditional home.

Mattified finishes like matt black create a contemporary look, helping tie together different design elements within a space. While often considered a modern finish, many use matt black on vintage-style hardware in traditional properties - think rustic lever handles, hinges, and latches. Thus, matt black is well suited to any home.

Finishes that are high shine, like polished brass or chrome, have become increasingly popular with the rise of glamourous, vintage-inspired interiors. Whilst genuine gold and silver handles are out of budget for most, investing in bright finishes like these will capture the elegant look without breaking the bank.

Each finish has a unique style that looks stunning in any home. Continue reading to find more finish options for your new door hardware and help you complete your home's interior design.

Eros lever on rose door handle in chrome on a white door

Matt Black

Matte black is known for creating a unique look and is sleek and stylish while being more versatile than you might expect.

Black hardware can create an elegant look depending on the room. It acts as an excellent backdrop for other types of hardware - making it a favourite for designers and homeowners alike when renovating their doors.

The dark tones of matt black hardware are reminiscent of wrought-iron details, making it an excellent fit for traditional homes. Yet, at the same time, it can create a distinctly modern look in contemporary homes with minimalist or monochromatic décor. This is because matte black takes style cues from Bauhaus homes, known for streamlined, straightforward aesthetics.

Matt black looks especially good paired with other hardware like brass or nickel.

Marvel lever on rose door handle in matt black on a white wood door

Shop our Matt Black Marvel Lever on Rose Door Handle by tapping on the image above.


A popular finish is chrome.

This finish has a sleek, versatile look that helps it work well in almost any space - from bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchens to living rooms. As a silvery, neutral-toned finish, it blends seamlessly with many household appliances, fittings, and fixtures - particularly those in a corresponding neutral finish such as stainless steel.

Available in both polished and satin chrome, choosing new door hardware in this silver finish is a sure way to update your home décor.

The one drawback with chrome is that it does not have any warm undertones. If paired with a cool-toned paint or wallpaper, it can have a visually cold look, but this can be remedied by choosing warmer accessories.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome takes inspiration from the Art Deco period, with its bright, eye-catching finish. However, it also pairs beautifully with a modern, minimalistic style, creating a contemporary, stylish look.

The smooth, mirrored finish coordinates well with neutral or white doors and walls and introduces light and texture to any interior design scheme.

Satin Chrome

Satin chrome has a stunning contemporary feel and best suits simple, understated spaces.

A subtle finish, satin chrome blends well with most design styles and is particularly popular in commercial applications.

In residential properties, satin chrome blends seamlessly with stainless steel appliances, like stoves, fridges and dishwashers in kitchens or taps, sinks and showers in bathrooms. In addition, this finish coordinates beautifully with neutral tones and natural wood details.

Thor lever on rose door handle in chrome on a white wood door

Discover our Thor Lever on Rose Door Handle in Chrome by clicking the image above.


If you are looking for vintage-inspired, classic style, brass hardware is an excellent choice.

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, a golden metallic finish that offers a luxurious touch that you can dress up or dress down. Common in older homes, particularly homes styled in the 1990s, this finish provides a rich, antiquated look without being too formal. With undertones of gold and amber, it is a more traditional finish that works well in almost any space.

Perfect for modern and classic styles, brass is a versatile finish that will coordinate with many other home hardware products, fixtures, and accessories. So, you can easily blend your door hardware for a cohesive design.

Polished Brass

Polished brass hardware is a beautiful addition to any home. It can add a touch of luxury and elegance and is a timeless finish.

Many homeowners prefer this finish due to its timeless feel and ability to pair with any interior style, whether modern or traditional.

Bright and reflective this finish has a distinctively warm, gold-tone giving golden glamour. Alternatively, the warm tones can elevate a modern interior scheme by providing colour, texture, and detail.

You can use brass hardware in several ways, from door handles to doorknobs. Choosing the correct type of brass hardware for your home is essential, as not all styles will look good in every setting.

Antique Brass

Antique brass is a finish that works well with more traditional styles.

It is a more subtle finish than its polished counterparts, providing a more uniform colour tone.

Antique brass is treated to give it a more aged appearance and a unique look. This treatment can include a variety of methods, such as oxidation, lacquering, or polishing. The resulting finish closely resembles the look of natural or unlacquered brass, and it has a warm look due to its brown and golden tones.

Antique brass is a warm and subtle finish that will add a touch of traditional style, warmth, and balance to any room. But it also has a more modern edge, making it versatile enough to work with a range of unique design styles. Combining this deep brass finish with modern features, such as sleek flooring or furniture, will tie the whole design together.

Oval mortice door knob in antique brass

Click the image above to shop our Oval Mortice Doorknobs in Antique Brass.


Nickel door handles are the perfect choice for people looking for an elegant and sophisticated look for their homes.

They come in multiple shapes and sizes, from sleek polished nickel to subtle satin nickel and contemporary black nickel. There is a style that will pair with any home design.

Nickel hardware is also exceptionally durable and easy to clean, so you will never have to worry about them getting dirty or damaged.

Satin Nickel

An elegant, subtle finish satin nickel hardware create an impressive appearance to any interior door.

Satin nickel hardware is ideal for minimalistic home designs with its slight sheen that is less prominent than polished nickel.

The minimalist design and high-quality materials make satin nickel an excellent choice for a wide range of interiors. It looks fantastic against dark hues such as black, navy blue, or grey, standing out from the crowd. It also looks terrific with bold geometric patterns, bright solid colours, and avant-garde furniture.

Black Nickel

Black nickel door hardware is a stunning finish that combines reflective and mattified surfaces to create a deep bronze, dark finish with a subtle sheen.

The key to achieving this gorgeous finish is combining several distinct types of materials, more specifically, combining chrome with nickel. This allows for both lacklustre and glossy surfaces in one product.

Black nickel finishes create a striking contrast to neutral interiors white doors and even blend seamlessly with darker design schemes with rich colours. Choosing door knobs or door handles in this finish will elevate your home design and add elegant, modern features.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel lever handles and doorknobs are a widespread finish amongst homeowners and designers. This is because they coordinate with any interior style with ease, regardless of whether your home has a contemporary or traditional style.

The stunning finish to these handles ensures they are easy to maintain. In addition, the mattified, subtle effect reduces the visibility of fingerprints and dirt. Thus, your new door hardware will only require a clean with a soft cloth when deemed necessary.

This finish has more depth than chrome but is not as shiny, so choosing door hardware in this finish adds a luxurious, muted accent to any interior door. It gives a soft sheen and does not directly contrast with other colours.

Elegance lever on rose door handle in satin nickel

Tap the image above to discover our Elegance Lever on Rose Door Handle in Brushed Satin Nickel. Also available as part of a door handle pack

Other Popular Designs

We have outlined only a few popular hardware finishes. However, there are many styles, finishes and designs on the market to help you find your perfect finish.

More popular hardware finishes include:

No matter which finish you decide for your doorknob or handle, one thing is sure: these choices are popular for a reason. Each one offers a unique look and feel. Your options make it possible to find the perfect interior door hardware to suit your taste and décor.

Turnberry latch door handle in dual tone

Shop our Turnberry Dual Tone Lever Latch Door Handle by clicking on the image above.

Should Door Hardware Match Throughout the House?

The door hardware you choose is essential since it will determine how classy your house looks.

It might be challenging to pick the style or finish of door hardware for your home since many options exist. Choosing the appropriate materials for your interior doors is critical. However, with each space usually using a unique design concept, the same door handle or doorknob might not look good in each room.

There are no fixed rules for fixtures and fittings. Is it true that because you have brass in one space, you cannot have stainless steel in another? Mixing and matching may be an artistic approach to express your design preferences in home design.

Doorknobs and handles can vary, yet they should still work together to form a coherent home design concept. Maintaining the same theme throughout the house might be the norm for some people. However, using the same handle for all your doors might get tedious after a while.

victorian mortice door knob in Chrome on a wooden door

Click the image above to shop our collection of Victorian Mortice Doorknobs, seen here in chrome. 


When it comes to interior door hardware, there are a variety of popular finishes to consider. Each one has a unique look and feel, so it is crucial to select the finish that best suits your taste and the overall design scheme of your home.

Keep in mind that not all finishes or styles will work with every type of interior door, so you may wish to mix and match until you find the perfect combination. And, finally, remember that there is no fixed rule dictating whether all door hardware throughout your house should be uniform or not - it is up to you!

Luxury Hardware at Door Handle Store

At Door Handle Store, we stock a vast selection of top-quality, durable door handles, doorknobs, hinges, locks, latches and more in various finishes.

Our hardware is crafted from robust, solid materials, making them durable and long-lasting, maintaining their functionality for years to come.

Discover our collection of over one thousand hardware products for your home design today. We are confident that we have the hardware to suit your home.

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